Karen Lam

Karen Lam is an award winning, Canadian filmmaker with an impressive position in the horror genre.  She has produced four feature films, eight short films and three television series so far. And more is coming.  
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KAREN LAM – Writer, Director & Producer

Karen Lam – Homepage: Opiate Pictures Inc

Karen Lam – Imdb

Karen Lam — Demo Reel from Opiatepix on Vimeo.

JDB: Who is Karen Lam?
KL: Karen Lam is: horror filmmaker, crazy cat lady, avid knitter. Probably in this order.

JDB: What frightened you as a child?
KL: I was (and am) terrified of demons: demonic possession, insanity, religious prophecy.

JDB: Can you tell us a little about the web-series ”Mythos”.
KL: The web series Mythos takes place in the world of Evangeline, but it’s a series of short stories narrated by a young woman who is actually comatose in an asylum.

JDB: And can you tell us a something about your latest short film “Chiral”
KL: Chiral is my Jungian exploration of a man who comes face to face with his shadow self. It premiered at the Monsters of Film Festival last September.

JDB: What are you working on now? I saw the announcement on the “Thomas Tessier´s world of hurt”. Can you share some detail on that?
KL: I am currently a writer on the new SyFy television series, ”Van Helsing” with Neil Labute as the showrunner. I’ll be finished in early February, and then working on two new feature films!

JDB: What are you looking forward to in 2016?
KL: I really look forward to getting back into the director’s chair in 2016. I took 2015 as a bit of a creative break, but I have a rewrite to do on a feature script that I hope will go to camera in the fall.

JDB: Describe an ordinary day in Karen Lam´s life.
KL: Right now, because I’ve been working on the tv series, every day has been fairly routine for the last 8 weeks. I work with a team of seasoned tv writers: we break down the series concept, the episodes and outlining the stories for the entire 13 episode arc. In my regular life, it’s a little more flexible: I make time for daily writing, sometimes meeting with my producers and collaborators, and of course, I knit obsessively!

JDB: Which classic horror movie do you wish that you had been directing?
KL: I love classic Japanese ghost stories, so films like Onibaba, Kwaidan, Kuroneko would be my choices.

JDB: Name a film or book that really scared you!
KL: Some of my favourite horror books are Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker, any of the short horror anthologies edited by Ellen Datlow, but ”Darkness” and ”Lovecraft and His Monsters” are among my favourites. I am very inspired by horror literature — it’s hard to compete with your own imagination when it comes to horror!

JDB: What secrets are you hiding in your closet?
KL: I don’t think you want to know what’s in my closet … or freezer.

JDB: Favourite monster?
KL: My favourite monsters are of the human variety: serial killes, ghosts, but also the supernatural demons